The way DASU work is crucial to our success. We a team combine a strong result focused approach with a collaborative attitude. We don’t just ‘SAY’, but really walk our talk, together with TEAM.


DASU is obliged to serve weaker section of society through many activities, like educational materials distribution, student(s) sponsorship, etc. We identify and scale the community initiatives whose leaders have a passion and dedication to work for society. We together with stakeholders decide the roadmap/ milestones, and partners follow the strategy to get along with the defined path.


DASU believes in the power of planned thinking and action. We don’t go with abstract visions, but a roadmap for growth, with actionable and achievable steps. We walk with our partners, till the goal is reached at end. We are dedicated to create lasting results. So that our partners can empower more to achieve our common goal.


We can do so little, when we alone. But, we can do so much, when together! So, we always along the way to connect with partners of right organization and peoples. We encourage, and facilitate our partners to share best practices in us. We influence public, private and NGOs to exchange knowledge, and work together for betterment of society.


Education for every needy students and encourage them for social participation in future.


To offer educational Support for school students who are serious about their education, but cannot afford to do so. We carry out our mission by facilitating and supervising such student to build strong educated society.

Milestone - 2019 (Yearly Plan to Reach Min 100 Needy) - Reached to 496 beneficiaries.

Milestone - 2018 (Yearly Plan to Reach Min 100 Needy) - Reached to 543 beneficiaries.

Milestone - 2018 (Yearly Plan to Reach Min 100 Needy) - Reached to 382 beneficiaries.

(Note : Status updated on Man 2020)