The aim of all DASU's Projects is to inspire the needy students for education.

DASU Educational Society is a non-profit organization that facilitates school students who can't afford to continue their education, but are serious about doing so. More than 600 students have been benefitted by various Projects of DASU Educational Society.

We are not only working in Educational Projects but also motivate and engage in the Health, Environmental, Cultural, and Social Projects.

 "Unity is strength, when there is TEAMWORK and COLABRATION, wonderful as well as difficult thinks can be achieve".

We have limited resources so, DASU appeal to lend a hand as per your interest and availability and engage yourself with us for betterment of Society.  For more details click here.

Our Partners for Projects:

  • Kolkata Seeds, Japan.
  • SPARSH, Gadchiroli (The collaboration came to end on dated 3rd May 2017 by completing legal processing and bank-transfer of the amount against support from SPARSH for DASU Modern School Nagari, Gadchiroli.)


Project 1: Study Materials Distribution : 
The goal of the project is to distribute the required study materials to the needy students for that specific academic year.
Project 2: Uniforms Distribution

A few parents able to manage the study materials and failed to provide uniform each year for their kids. To make up the confidence of future generation.

Project 3: Support to Felicitation Programmes

Student achievement in their exams brings enormous value to their future prospective in the way for society and this fact needs to be acknowledged

Project 4: Extra Classes, Plantation, Health Check-up, and Other

DASU Educational Society is constantly working for betterment of Society, though the projects are Educational or others. DASU's every projects is having its own approach and future prospective.

Project 5: DASU Modern School Project

It is the aim of DASU Modern School to provide the best possible education to its students. We believe that all basic things will get acquire in early age of child.

Project 6: LARVI Students Sponsorship Programme(LSSP)

We ensure that our small initiatives encourage and empower the minds and hearts of the future teachers, doctors, engineers and others.

Project 7: DASU Accommodation

This project shall provide (shared) accommodation facility to students up to his/her education and career starters for initial 6 months.


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