Project 1: Study Materials Distribution

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The goal of the project is to distribute the required study materials to the needy students for that specific academic year, so that they can concentrate on their studies without bothering about study materials.

Since 2010, more than 500 students of the Bhandara/ Gadchiroli districts (in Maharashtra state) had benefited by this project. The credit to make this project successful go to DASU’s volunteers who work day-night.

The distributed study materials (essential) consist of Registers, Pens, Pencils, Erasers, Geometry-Compass-box, School Bag, and etc.

An eligibility to get the benefit of this Project:

1) His/her parent should be economical/ social backward
2) Parents should write a request letter for study materials and attached mark-sheet of the previous year as well as promise to show progress in the current year.

Some Events Photos :

Study Materials Distribution Details:

SrYearSchool Details (Beneficiary)No. of
132018Manvata High School,Sawari, Bhandara21
122018Nalanda Academy, Wardha150
112017All Students of a Primary School, Hiwara Bazar, Ramtek, MS, India 67
102017Gorai, Boriwali, Mumbai, MS, India 20
92017Cadets of SSD Camp, Nagpur, MS, India250
82014Gadchiroli, MS, India50
72013Shri Sant Gadge Maharaj Vidhyalay, Gadchiroli100
62012Manvata High School,Sawari, Bhandara44
52012Gramvikas High School Kondhi, Bhandara62
42012Nanaji Joshi High School, Shahapur, Bhandara52
32012Samarth High School Ramtek, Nagpur20
22011Manvata High School,Sawari, Bhandara20
12010Manvata High School,Sawari, Bhandara20

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